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Carbide grade for drawing dies




Applications recommended
YG6X 14.95 91.5 1800

For drawing steel and nonferrous wires or bars of less than ¢6.00mm under not so much stress.

YG6 14.95 90.5 1900
For drawing steel, nonferrous alloy bars of less than ¢20.00mm under more stress and also for drawing tubes of less than ¢10.00mm.
YG8 14.8 89.5 2200
For drawing steel and nonferrous bars and tubes, also for manufacturing mechanical parts, tools and wear parts.
YG10 14.5 88.5 2400
YG15 14.0 87.0 2800
For drawing steel bars and tubes with a high reduction rate and for manufacturing anvils, drilling and punching and impacting.
Carbide drawing dies nibs
Type 01 Type 10 Type 11 Type S11 Type 12 Type 13
Type S13 Type 21 Type 22 Type 23 Type 30 Type 31
Type V Type 40 Type 41 Type 42 Type 60 Type R-2
Type R-4 Type R-5 Type R-6 Type R-7 R-8(9,10) Type W
Type W(β) Type A, B Type C, D Type E, F        
Finished drawing dies



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