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PDC DTH drill Bits

PDC drill bits Features:
1、A longer life.
In highly abrasive, extremely hard harsh geological environment, the life of ordinary carbide drill only a few meters to more than one hundred meters, PDC bits’ life can reach 5‐30 times than the normal carbide drills’.
2, more efficient.
The hardness and wear resistance of the PDC buttons is 100 times than the carbide buttons (theoretical value). During drilling, the PDC buttons is hardly worn and the drilling speed can be kept the same during the whole process. But for the carbide drill bits, because of the wear resistance of the carbide buttons, the drilling speed declined continually. And Carbide buttons need to be grinded after drilling some meters.
3, More economical.
Reduce time of rig down, replace drill bit, grinding and so on.
4. Reduction of fuel consumption.
Consistent drilling speed, almost no reduction of the hole diameter, reducing the rate of holding and sticking drill, reduction of fuel consumption.
5. Reducing consumption of the hammer.
Drilling parameters consistently, almost no problems of reducing bit diameter, decrease the wear and consumption of the hammer.
6. high benefit‐cost ratio.
Comprehensive benefit‐cost ratio is very high. It is the future trend of development.
7. Increasing the life of the equipment.
Consistent drilling parameters, consistent equipment load. Reduce equipment loss and influence to the device of load mutations.
Using site contrast:
Fujian quarry, geological conditions: quartz sandstone, the hardness:f = 14 , SiO2 ≥30%, extreme abrasion.
Figure I: DHD340‐115 carbide drill bit, using life 32 m, rejected after drilling two holes. Buttons wear heavily, unable drill any more. The new drill outer diameter is 115 mm, the final rejected size is 101.2mm. (January 20, 2015)
Figure II: DHD340‐115 PDC drill bit, has been drilled 165M with 10 holes. Showing complete buttons with little wear, almost no distortion, the upper part of the steel body wear 2‐3mm. Normal wear and tear. The new drill outer diameter is 115.2mm, this time diameter is 114.2mm (February 21, 2015)
Figure III: DHD340‐115 PDC drill bit has drilled 352 meters, button shape intact, PDC buttons wear heavy, exposing the carbide, steel body wear 4‐5mm. drill outer diameter is 113.2mm. (January 21, 2015)
Figure IV: DHD340‐115 PDC drill bit, has been rejected, using life is about 560 meters. Steel body badly worn, cannot guarantee effective packing of PDC buttons, resulting in numbers of gauge buttons fall off. Center PDC buttons are wear and peeling heavily. Unable to measure the effective outer diameter.(Jan. 22, 2015)

Figure I
Figure II
Figure III
Figure IV


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