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Inserts & Endmill
    Cemented Carbide Inserts
    Carbide Endmill
    Related Parts
Tungsten Carbide Blanks
    Brazed Inserts
    Carbide Drawing Dies
    Cold Forging Dies
    Carbide Burrs
    Carbide Rods
    Carbide Bars & Plates
    Carbide Disc
    Carbide Saw Tips
    Carbide Mining Bits
    Non-standard Customized Products
Precision Machining
    Carbide Balls & Seats
    Ceramic Tile Cutter
    Woodworking Tools
    Non-standard Customized Products
Carbide & Metal Welding
    Vacuum Welding
    High Frequency Welding
Mining & Construction
    PDC Bits
    Non-standard Customized Products
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Bob Chen
Sales Manager
Journey Wu
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Zhuzhou ZZ Import and Export Co., Ltd.
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ZZ Comércio Importação e Exportação Ltda
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São Paulo – SP.    01028-000
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